Internal Revenue Agent (On-The-Job Instructor) *12 Month Roster*

Department Of The Treasury Montgomery , AL 36101

Posted 2 months ago

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WHAT IS THE SMALL BUSINESS/SELF-EMPLOYED DIVISION? The Small Business/Self-Employed (SB/SE) Division provides examinations and taxpayer education services for about 7 million small businesses and upwards of 33 million self-employed and supplemental income taxpayers.

This is a collateral duty assignment with no promotion potential, change to your current permanent position description of record, or post of duty.

See Other Information for Locations.

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WHAT DOES A REVENUE AGENT, ON-THE-JOB INSTRUCTOR (OJI) DO? As an On-the-Job Instructor you will be responsible for delivering the instruction/training to individuals from within your organization. As an OJI, you will use your technical expertise and years of experience to plan and conduct training on basic and/or advanced areas of tax law, procedures, policies, techniques, or other specialized fields unique to your position/occupation. As an OJI you will be called upon to share knowledge and expertise with employees within your unit/organization in a one to one environment. You will perform these duties as a collateral duty assignment, with no change to your current position description or post of duty. As an OJI, you have the extraordinary opportunity of sharing your expertise and knowledge with others, while at the same time serving in a role that is of tremendous benefit to the Service as a whole!

As a Revenue Agent On-the-Job Instructor (OJI) you will:

  • Perform your regular duties and direct work, either phones and/or paper during non-training times. During the training assignment, if the OJI member is not actively involved in the essential OJI duties, he/she will return to direct work activities when not preparing, instructing, coaching and/or facilitating.

  • Coordinate as appropriate in delivering OJI instruction/training materials.

  • Analyze, write and review course material. Develop, plan, schedule, coordinate, and/or present basic, advanced, or specialized training material or instruction as assigned. Teach and/or provide instruction in recruit, basic, advanced, and specialized courses and technical knowledge, counsel others during the progress of the OJI to assist with problems and provide special guidance.

  • Coordinate with others who may be assigned on either a full time or part time basis for recruit, basic or advanced training as required. Assure that instructors or other coaches are informed of any changes in course or technical subject matter. Coordinate as appropriate on methods, techniques, training aids, and trainee management relative to assigned training or technical areas.

  • May also provide specialized OJI training to other OJI instructors, if appropriate.

  • Ensure familiarity with course materials, illustrative material, case studies, technical materials and OJI assignments accordingly. Ensure consistency in technical interpretation of regulations and their application. Recommend changes in emphasis, adjustment in the division of time spent in, discussion, workshop, or other elements of OJI training activities; also recommends necessary changes in other training needs and/or identified in OJI observation.

  • Evaluate and/or recommend whether trainees or others should be retained and/or need additional instruction; in addition, evaluates trainees' OJI progress and/or conduct.

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Travel Required

Occasional travel - 1 to 5 Nights Per Month

Supervisory status


Promotion Potential


  • Job family (Series)
    0512 Internal Revenue Agent

  • Requirements



Conditions of Employment

  • Click "Print Preview" to review the entire announcement before applying.

  • Refer to Other Information.

  • Must be a U.S. Citizen or National.

  • IRS Employees with Career or Career Conditional Appointments.

Employee must be currently working in SB/SE Field Exam at a location listed in this vacancy announcement. Employee will remain in POD.

Employee must be a current Revenue Agent as follows:

  • GS-0512-12 on one of the following Position Descriptions: 98709, 91586, 91980, 94594, 94817, 95657, 98710, 98724, 98729, 98730
  • GS-0512-13 on one of the following Position Descriptions: 94816, 90857, 91587, 94225, 94575, 94595, 97873, 97875

You must be in the current position and grade level, be able to demonstrate the level of knowledge necessary to carry out the responsibilities of this position, and have a current performance appraisal rating of fully successful or above.


You must meet the following requirements by the closing date of this announcement.

BASIC QUALIFICATION REQUIREMENTS FOR ALL GRADE LEVELS: This is a collateral duty assignment with no promotion potential, change to your current permanent position description of record, or post of duty. To qualify for this On-the-Job Instructor position, you must be able to demonstrate the level of technical expertise and experience to plan and conduct OJI training on basic or advanced areas of tax law, procedures, policies, techniques, or other specialized fields unique to your position/occupation to carry out the responsibilities. You must have a current performance appraisal rating of fully successful or above. You must currently be on the position description and at the post of duty listed in this vacancy announcement.

The OJI position covered by this announcement is identified below:

Employee must be a current Revenue Agent as follows:

  • GS-0512-12 on one of the following Position Descriptions: 98709, 91586, 91980, 94594, 94817, 95657, 98710, 98724, 98729, 98730
  • GS-0512-13 on one of the following Position Descriptions: 94816, 90857, 91587, 94225, 94575, 94595, 97873, 97875

Employee must be currently working in SB/SE Field Exam.

  • The experience may have been gained in the public sector, private sector or Volunteer Service. One year of experience refers to full-time work; part-timework is considered on a prorated basis.

  • To ensure full credit for your work experience, please indicate dates of employment by month/year, and indicate number of hours worked per week, on your resume.


Western Area: 2 vacancies-Portland, OR (OR0043); 2 vacancies-Salt Lake City, UT (UT1522); 3 vacancies-Seattle, WA (WA0101); 3 vacancies-Las Vegas, NV (NV7516); 3 vacancies-Sacramento, CA (CA6139); 3 vacancies-Oakland, CA (CA0281); 1 vacancy-San Jose, CA (CA6116); 1 vacancy-Anchorage, AK (AK3237); 1 vacancy-Fort Collins, CO (CO0046); 2 vacancies-San Francisco, CA (CA0154); 2 vacancies-Lakewood, CO (COD002); 2 vacancies-Denver, CO (CO1811); 2 vacancies-Westminster, CO (CO1989); 1 vacancy-Cheyenne, WY (WY1228); 1 vacancy-Salem, OR (OR6660); 1 vacancy-Spokane, WA (WA0064); 2 vacancies-Fairfield, CA (CA8182); 2 vacancies-Billings, MT (MT5383); 1 vacancy-Reno, NV (NV0012); 1 vacancy-San Mateo, CA (CA8280); 1 vacancy-Modesto, CA (CA6901); 1 vacancy-Tacoma, WA (WA7438); 1 vacancy-Redding, CA (CA7564); 1 vacancy-Chico, CA (CA7087); 1 vacancy-Boise, ID (ID0025)



Central Area: 4 vacancies-Nashville, TN (TN0052); 3 vacancies-Independence, OH (OH2320); 3 vacancies-Media, PA (PA0582); 3 vacancies-Baltimore, MD (MD0055); 2 vacancies-Annapolis, MD (MD1137); 2 vacancies-King of Prussia, PA (PA0507); 2 vacancies-Washington, DC (DC0198); 2 vacancies-Horsham, PA (PA0865); 2 vacancies-Richmond, VA (VA0088); 2 vacancies-Newark, DE (DE0052); 1 vacancy-Harrisburg, PA (PA0267); 1 vacancy-Canton, OH (OH2342); 1 vacancy-Dayton, OH (OH0195); 1 vacancy-Memphis, TN (TN2070); 1 vacancy-Pittsburgh, PA (PA0233); 1 vacancy-Youngstown, OH (OH0302); 1 vacancy-Louisville, KY (KY0076); 1 vacancy-Norfolk, VA (VA1608); 1 vacancy-Bethlehem, PA (PA0719); 1 vacancy-Evansville, IN (IN1822); 1 vacancy-Indianapolis, IN (IN0133); 1 vacancy-Lancaster, PA (PA0775); 1 vacancy-Frederick, MD (MD0487); 1 vacancy-Bridgeport, WV (WV0141); 1 vacancy-Lima, OH (OH1918); 1 vacancy-Toledo, OH (OH2146); 2 vacancies-Dover, DE (DE0017); 2 vacancies-Corbin, KY (KY1716); 2 vacancies-Florence, KY (KY3123); 2 vacancies-Bowling Green, KY (KY3060); 2 vacancies-Cleveland, OH (OH0192); 2 vacancies-Altoona, PA (PA0329); 2 vacancies-Johnstown, PA (PA0358); 2 vacancies-Erie, PA (PA0440); 2 vacancies-Scranton, PA (PA0596); 2 vacancies-Reading, PA (PA0656); 2 vacancies-Monroeville, PA (PA0745); 2 vacancies-Washington, PA (PA7017); 2 vacancies-Johnson City, TN (TN2190); 2 vacancies-Hampton, VA (VA0688); 2 vacancies-Charlottesville, VA (VA0712); 3 vacancies-Vienna, VA (VA0008); 2 vacancies-Philadelphia, PA (PA0277)

North Atlantic Area: 3 vacancies-Warwick, RI (RI0785); 4 vacancies-Norwalk, CT (CT3438); 2 vacancies-Springfield, MA (MA5982); 2 vacancies-Brockton, MA (MA5955); 2 vacancies-Buffalo, NY (NY7340); 1 vacancy-Augusta, ME (ME0068); 1 vacancy-South Portland, ME (ME4168); 2 vacancies-Rochester, NY (NY7064); 1 vacancy-Montpelier, VT (VT0026); 1 vacancy-Rutland, VT (VT8089); 2 vacancies-Worcester, MA (MA5785); 1 vacancy-Boston, MA (MA0131); 3 vacancies-Stoneham, MA (MA5632); 3 vacancies-Parsippany, NJ (NJ4531); 4 vacancies-Brooklyn, NY (NY7288); 2 vacancies-Hauppauge, NY (NY7117); 1 vacancy-Bronx, NY (NY7304); 12 vacancies-New York, NY (NY0350); 2 vacancies-Trenton, NJ (NJ5105); 1 vacancy-Mays Landing, NJ (NJ6998); 4 vacancies-Paramus, NJ (NJ4571); 2 vacancies-White Plains, NY (NY6358); 2 vacancies-Bethpage, NY (NY7501); 1 vacancy-Syracuse, NY (NY7357); 2 vacancies-Burlington, VT (VT8139); 1 vacancy-Utica, NY (NY0218); 1 vacancy-Danbury, CT (CT3376); 2 vacancies-Portsmouth, NH (NH0036); 1 vacancy-Albany, NY (NY0300); 4 vacancies-Manchester, NH (NH6148); 3 vacancies-Nashua, NH (NH6136); 2 vacancies-New Windsor, NY (NY7107); 1 vacancy-Hartford, CT (CT0013); 2 vacancies-New Haven, CT (CT0061); 4 vacancies-Springfield, NJ (NJD003); 4 vacancies-Mountainside, NJ (NJ4360); 4 vacancies-Corona, NY (NY5848); 1 vacancy-Waterbury, CT (CT0047)

Midwest Area: 1 vacancy-Bloomington, IL (IL2209); 1 vacancy-Champaign, IL (IL2201); 4 vacancies-Chicago, IL (IL0236); 4 vacancies-Downers Grove, IL (IL2337); 2 vacancies-Fairview Heights, IL (IL2528); 3 vacancies-Matteson, IL (IL2563); 3 vacancies-Orland Park, IL (IL2549); 1 vacancy-Quincy, IL (IL2473); 3 vacancies-Schiller Park, IL (IL2558); 2 vacancies-Springfield, IL (IL2454); 1 vacancy-Topeka, KS (KS1526); 2 vacancies-Ann Arbor, MI (MI2218); 2 vacancies-Clinton Township, MI (MI1942); 2 vacancies-Detroit, MI (MI3044); 1 vacancy-East Lansing, MI (MI2101); 2 vacancies-Flint, MI (MI3022); 4 vacancies-Grand Rapids, MI (MI2210); 1 vacancy-Marquette, MI (MI1926); 4 vacancies-Pontiac, MI (MI2181); 1 vacancy-Traverse City, MI (MI2186); 3 vacancies-Bloomington, MN (MN1675); 1 vacancy-Duluth, MN (MN0015); 1 vacancy-Mankato, MN (MN1674); 1 vacancy-Rochester, MN (MN1720); 4 vacancies-Chesterfield, MO (MO1833); 1 vacancy-Lees Summit, MO (MO2008); 1 vacancy-Springfield, MO (MO1993); 1 vacancy-Fargo, ND (ND0046); 1 vacancy-Grand Forks, ND (ND0008); 1 vacancy-Lincoln, NE (NE0531); 1 vacancy-Aberdeen, SD (SD0040); 2 vacancies-Appleton, WI (WI1623); 1 vacancy-Eau Claire, WI (WI1711); 1 vacancy-La Crosse, WI (WI0103); 1 vacancy-Madison, WI (WI1784); 4 vacancies-Milwaukee, WI (WI1720); 1 vacancy-Rothschild, WI (WI1622); 1 vacancy-Waukesha, WI (WI1696); 1 vacancy-Peoria, IL (IL2551); 1 vacancy-Farmington Hills, MI (MI2097); 1 vacancy-Portage, MI (MI2213); 1 vacancy-St. Paul, MN (MN1600); 1 vacancy-Minot, ND (ND0014); 1 vacancy-Norfolk, NE (NE1377); 2 vacancies-Omaha, NE (NE0051); 1 vacancy-Sioux Falls, SD (SD1317)

South Atlantic Area: 6 vacancies-Plantation, FL (FL2347); 2 vacancies-Decatur, GA (GA2493); 2 vacancies-Maitland, FL (FL2257); 2 vacancies-Tampa, FL (FL2402); 2 vacancies-West Palm Beach, FL (FLD002); 2 vacancies-401 W. Peachtree St., Atlanta, GA (GA0087); 2 vacancies-1899 Powers Ferry Rd. SE, Atlanta, GA (GA2401); 2 vacancies-Jacksonville, FL (FL0067); 1 vacancy-St. Petersburg, FL (FLD001); 2 vacancies-Pensacola, FL (FL3279); 2 vacancies-Port St. Lucie, FL (FL2174); 2 vacancies-Sarasota, FL (FL3100); 2 vacancies-Macon, GA (GA2410); 1 vacancy-Lakeland, FL (FL3143); 2 vacancies-Raleigh, NC (NC1151); 2 vacancies-Ft. Myers, FL (FL3285); 2 vacancies-Greenville, NC (NC2310); 1 vacancy-Tallahassee, FL (FL2501); 1 vacancy-Greensboro, NC (NC2668); 2 vacancies-Daytona Beach, FL (FL3205); 2 vacancies-Ocala, FL (FL2668); 2 vacancies-Wilmington, NC (NC2410); 2 vacancies-Savannah, GA (GA2480); 2 vacancies-Panama City, FL (FL3007); 1 vacancy-Hickory, NC (NC1167); 4 vacancies-Miami, FL (FL0061); 2 vacancies-Melbourne, FL (FL3230); 2 vacancies-2888 Woodcock Blvd., Atlanta, GA (GA2004); 2 vacancies-Augusta, GA (GA2441)


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Internal Revenue Agent (On-The-Job Instructor) *12 Month Roster*

Department Of The Treasury